Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Welcome to star catching in Lumenís World! Lumens need to stay bright. They live off the light from the stars. Help these smart fellows work together to catch their lost stars! A new challenge awaits at every level. Only the best mind can survive. Unlock levels, use new tools, and collect precious gems in this satisfying, addictively-fun puzzle game.
Can you figure out the logic?

CHALLENGE YOUR LOGIC: Just when you think youíve got it all figured out, Lumens World throws another challenge at you! Only the most logical minds survive!

NO IN-APP PURCHASE REQUIRED: Although you can chose to use tools to help, from the first level to the very last one, you have what you need. All levels can be done. Can you figure it out?

AWESOME TOOLS! Build walls, smash walls, use rolling arrows and much more to be the best.

SPECIAL GEM LEVELS: Collect them all for even more help to open gates and access tools.

BECOME A MASTER: Master the use of your walls, bricks, portals and more to become the best star collector in each of the different Worlds the Lumens will visit.

- Many levels with more to come
- Challenging logical gameplay
- Super cute Lumens
- Fantastic graphics
- Something new at every level